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 1970 Plymouth Superbird Arizona Barn Find!

This 1970 Plymouth Superbird is an absolute Arizona barn find! It was discovered after sitting in an enclosed building for the past 25 years in Tucson, Arizona. The floor pans, trunk pan, etc are all original and bone dry/rust free as expected from Arizona. Even the original body rubber plugs from the factory are still intact. There is one rust spot on the lower drivers side rocker in front of the rear wheel well and some bubbles are present on the drivers side lower rear quarter panel. These two areas are not rusted through and the rest of the body and undercarriage are excellent! It is a "factory" matching  440 high performance/ 375 h.p. "U" code engine, original 727 torque flight automatic (floor console shift), original 8 3/4 posi rear end. The nose is original steel, the car has had one driver quality re-paint in it's original Tor-Red color. The previous owner elected not to replace the Plymouth script on the rear fenders when he re-sprayed the Superbird. All the original glass is excellent. The interior is excellent and had been re-carpeted once. All the original seatbelts are intact. Prior to starting after 25 years any and all precautions were taken to properly start the engine for it's first time. The fuel tank was boiled out, radiator rodded, cleaned, and repaired as necessary. All the lines were cleaned and blown out. The existing AFB carburetor on the car was rebuilt. The correct carb should be a Carter AVS list #4738. The fuel pump was replaced as were new front brake calipers and pads. The original valve covers were in the trunk so I repainted them and placed them back on the car as well. The transmission was flushed and serviced to include the filter. There was absolutely no crud or particles in the trans. or oil pans. After spinning the engine oil pump with the distributor removed oil pressure rose to 60-80lbs! After a fresh set of spark plugs the Superbird came to life and fired right up on the first try! No smoke or noise was present and it simply purred smoothly with a deep rumble. It drives well, shifts well and is ready for the enthusiast/collector to own a piece of history! The photos include the Superbird as it was first discovered indoors and saw it's first daylight in 25 years! According to the Superbird club only 390 of these 440 "U" code with an automatic are presently known. There were only a total of 626 of this Superbird configuration ever built! Presently I have not located the broadcast sheet after looking in the usual places but we'll continue to search. The fender tag is original to the car and has been verified as an original Superbird as optioned from the factory in 1970 (see photo). Photo's show the Superbird after it received it's first bath after it's 25 year slumber!

This Superbird is ready for the enthusiast /collector to take the car to the next level. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a true un-restored Superbird far below the ever rising values of these cars. This is the ultimate muscle car and an absolute blue chip investment!

Vin #RM23U0A177593

Engine: 0A177593 (pass side block, oil pan rail)

Block Casting: #10 28 69          #2538430 6

Fender Tag:

15144 181100 Gate number/Assembly number

115 052 670 (115)=440,4bbl,automatic

                       (052)=Chrysler 8 3/4, 3:55:1 ratio

                       (670)=440 4bbl automatic

26= 26" radiator

V19= special order black vinyl roof material

V88= deletes the transverse sport stripe

EV2= Tor-Red

P6XA= black interior, bucket seats

TX9= black upper door frame color

B30= scheduled production date Nov 30, 1969 All Superbirds show B30, although not all were manufactured on that date.

J98857= vehicle order number, this Superbird is # 1858

E86= 440 4bbl

D32= automatic

RM23= midsized price class, two door, hard top

UOA= (U)=440 4bbl, (0)=1970, (A) Lynch road plant

177593= Sequential assembly plant number



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CONTACT MICHAEL AT 520-977-4030.


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